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Forex trading iraqi dinar rate today

forex trading iraqi dinar rate today

His intel people get their info from bank memos and meetings. Iraq Stock Exchange went live and began trading on the New York nasdaq on Monday. After receiving your Iraqi dinar notes you should look for the watermark, as seen in the image above. 12/15/2018 TNT Conference Dinar Call w/Tony Rayren98. Have a plan and go from there. As of right now Mon. Tony/extra exchangers on street corners, died. Any early exchanges occurring? Ratio between buy and sell,. I'm not telling you what it is because I was told not to tell until it's in writing. We were waiting for the US Treasury to do something and when they did, we could begin our exchanges/ redemptions.

Live, iraqi Dinar (IQD) Exchange Rates, today

This week bank personnel have been assigned their new positions for the forex trading iraqi dinar rate today exchanges, expecting it. If we can pay for law-a ways, hows that not double dipping? Kurds got paid on their cards on Saturday and reported receiving 1 to 5 million USD. Tony: Goooooooooood Afternoon, TNT! If they dont, nothing changes and drags it out another week. Hes had 15 days to sign it, hes already signed. Everything I can see is (I will relisten to get this) I know they are going to do it between now and the end of this month. 7 the banks reported that they had new solid rates live on the screens with a hold on them. 14, but because it hasnt happened, I am not looking for it until tomorrow Jan.

forex trading iraqi dinar rate today

Youre going to get paid the same time the groups are going. (I can barely, hardly hear Tony on either phone or broadcast) Did go on nasdaq. The numbers have been completed for years. It makes the dollar stronger when its traded globally. C/who has the final say flip the switch? Which goes with what I told you before. March 31 that could change our world. Im looking for the marijuana companies going forth. Were the ones holding. Said she had a customer with a large yacht. Iraqi banks expect this in-country Dinar rate to increase to over 4 by Nov. Media: Nothing in forex trading iraqi dinar rate today the news articles about the Ministers. We know for sure.

Indonesian Rupiah to Jordanian Dinar

Replays m does not necessarily agree, disagree or endorse the contents of the calls and videos posted on our site. An hour before the banks open over there they are to announce the rate change. Our contractor was told two weeks ago to prepare to pay his people at the new rates BY February 2nd. Iran articles criticized US (wouldnt leave the base and disrespected the PM trying to get the US out. Have to wait and see what happens over the next 6 days. Any downside for Iraq not to revalue? Hopefully on Saturday they will make an announcement. Didnt happen, but should be here before next weekend. They are telling the Iraq people to look forward to this weekend.

We need them to survive! Is all of Iraq still looking for them to vote on the Ministers tomorrow and finally get this over with? If you are considering purchasing the Iraqi dinar you need to know if the bills are genuine. But they are saying thats the name Mahdi wants to put. T/They think this new way will work. Thinking this thing should pop out any time. The RV could go any moment, any time, because they wanted to get it done. Inquire of the company as to what brand of currency counting equipment it uses.

You Can't Fix Stupid: The

Im going to tell all my good friends, associates, etc. We could get it over with quicker. In Iraq on Sunday March 17 they had a meeting, said it was done, activated the codes for Mon. 20 and make the final vote on new Parliament members. We have not seen it in the Gazette today. Tony: I got two verifications of the Kurds getting the money. The new Iraqi Parliament took a vote and approved the budget that would forex trading iraqi dinar rate today be signed at 7 pm tonight and put in the Gazette to be announced tomorrow Jan. Was missing Dinar returned? 15, the codes were released for the. Or hotel they will ask you what currency you will use.

Theyre both saying they dont want war. All the education showing them (citizens) how this process (with pending lower denoms, etc) is going to forex trading iraqi dinar rate today work wont work if they dont. Late IN THE call: Tony: According to my information we will be doing a call before Monday. Anything over 9,999 youre going to need to call the 800 and wont be able to go to teller at bank. 18 the World Bank of International Settlements had given the go ahead and the RV was supposed to go through. Complete the transaction then disappear after the transaction! T/ed minister resigned today because they found out she had connections with isis. Mail forwarded to PO Box, new #.

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