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Remote work from home jobs with benefits

remote work from home jobs with benefits

Regardless of which kinds of calls youll handle, you can expect competitive pay at Sitel and employee benefits like: Paid training Vacation and holiday pay Employee discounts with Sitel partner-brands 401K Medical and dental benefits You will need. Concentrix has set out to transform customer experience. Callers may have questions about products or services. The only drawback is that you must have their service in your home or live in an area where you can switch over to their services in order to be eligible for a job. Chat Agent, they also have a ton of (just as awesome) work from home phone jobs, too. Full-Time Work from Home Jobs with Benefits If youre serious about landing not just a work from home job but a full-on work-from-home career, its a good idea to give your resume a onceover to make sure it reads as remote-friendly. You could work as a customer service agent or a travel agent. Also, FlexJobs is one of the only job search sites in existence that can absolutely guarantee you'll find no scams on their site. Go here to learn more about working at home for Century Link.

Huge List of Work-at-Home Jobs with Employee Benefits

Having a brick and mortar office does not an eco-friendly office make. When you give your employees the ability to customize their schedule so that they can better balance their professional life and their personal remote work from home jobs with benefits life, an interesting thing happens: they become grateful. Go here to read our review of remote jobs with Concentrix. If you are full-time, you are eligible several benefits including health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, disability, retirement, time off (paid and unpaid leaves of absence, and adoption assistance. A loyal staff equals great productivity and decreased turnover, which, as any employer knows, is a great cost savings. Part-time benefits include a limited medical plan, travel insurance, a 401(k) plan, stock plan, U-Haul discounts, and credit union membership. Other benefits at the tech-giant include stock plan options, paid time off, and healthcare coverage. Chances are you have (or have had) an iPhone, iPod, iPad, owned a Mac, or used iTunes at some point in your life. If you're on the hunt for a remote job, or are already working remotely, check out this list of the top benefits of remote work, along with a list of the top companies hiring for remote jobs. Automattic, you may not recognize the company Automattic at first glance but you might be familiar with their work theyre the masterminds behind m, WooCommerce, and popular plugins like Akismet and Jetpack. Global Workplace Analytics reports that 72 of employers say remote work has a high impact on employee retentionplainly put, employees are sticking with their employer when they have remote work options.

Note that most of these are not part time work at home positions because benefits are typically reserved for full time workers. You'll also receive weekly updates specifically meant for out-of-the-cube thinkers, like you. Save, remote work has a host of benefits for workers. And while there are certainly numerous advantages of telecommuting for your staff, as it turns out, having a remote workforce will greatly benefit you as the employer, too. The pay is around 13 an hour to start, and not only remote work from home jobs with benefits do they have great benefits they also will send you your own computer to use.

Work At Home With Benefits Jobs, Employment

So, what are a few of these companies offering the best of both worldsworking at home and benefits? Virtual Customer Care Representative position. Check out, buffers hiring page to find open roles in categories like Marketing, Happiness, and Product Engineering. Sitel Sitel handles the customer service needs for many different companies, large and small. Please leave a comment below! The good news is that there are more companies being added every day. Working from home has been shown to lower stress, improve personal relationships, and provide time for hobbies and interests. Use this guide to hack your resume, and increase your chances of getting an interview! #10 World Travel Holdings This is a company that sells and services vacationers. Open positions at GitHub include titles like Graphic Designer, Account Support, and Product Manager.

Thats why its a good idea to decide which work from home opportunities are right for you before jumping. You can read our review of remote jobs at Capital One here. But keep in mind, there are no shortages of work from home phone jobs out there with reputable companies. Grab your free copy of my resume guide to help you get hired at amazing remote companies, like the ones on this list! Because these companies are offering benefits, you are an employee and not an independent contractor. American Express, if youve got an AmEx card in your wallet, you know they tend to offer their cardholders some pretty nice perks. Thats just a fancy way of saying Sitel contracts with companies large and small to handle their customer service needs. If youre looking for even more full time work from home jobs with benefits, be sure to search on Indeed.

Our lists of the top 25 companies hiring for remote jobs in the first quarter of 2018 and the top 25 companies hiring for work-from-anywhere jobs can also direct you to great companies looking for remote candidates. Sometimes job openings are location dependent and other times theyre open to candidates across the United States. If youre bilingual, you can earn even more! Picking up the kids from school, attending doctors appointments, running to the store in the middle of the day, attending a fitness class in the morning, or even being home for the plumber can all be done. Or, go here to see the work at home openings available at Enterprise now. You probably know of Xerox as the copy machine people. Your staff will be in better health. This means you can work wherever you want. Your staff will be more productive. Youll have growth opportunities and be acknowledged for a job well done (no wonder American Express was named one of the top remote companies by FlexJobs!). As long as you live in the.S., you can submit your application for any of their At-Home Advisor positions! Work From Home Phone Jobs, now, I know work from home phone jobs arent exactly popular.

10 Work at Home Companies Offering Great Benefits

Student Loan Hero offers equity, unlimited vacation time, equipment, a stipend for your remote workspace, health insurance, financial contribution, and a 100 a month stipend to remote work from home jobs with benefits go toward your continuing education. Working remotely can give employees the time and environment needed to make healthy choices. Youll find some familiar names and may just be swayed by some of the great benefits they offer their (work from home) employees. Without having to start their workday with a lengthy commute, crushed into a train car, smushed on a bus, or being jostled on a busy city sidewalk, telecommuters can start their workday earlier and dedicate more time to the job. Type remote in the search box below for the latest telecommute, remote, and work from home listings. American Express offers very competitive pay and generous benefits : Maternity and paternity paid leave, tuition reimbursement. Sitel is a global network of outsourced customer service solutions. Money Savings, according to Global Workplace Analytics, people who work from home half time can save between 2,000 to 6,500 a year. Each year we determine the top 100 companies that have offered the most remote jobs over the past year. Convergys is a customer management solutions company. Well, there you have it! There are a lot of ways to earn money from home. Theyre also a global document and business solutions company who happens to almost always have work from home phone jobs available.

Go here to read our review of remote jobs with Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Sitels clients are in industries like financial services, retail, hospitality, and healthcare. And, if you work full-time, youll be eligible for benefits like tuition reimbursement, flexible spending accounts, paid maternity/paternity leave, and health insurance. So take the necessary steps to ensure that your company goes to the next level with a remote workforce! Many of their clients are household names, such as Samsung and Apple. On top of competitive pay, you can expect: Stock plan options Paid time off Employee discounts Medical, dental, and vision health care Apple will also support you in your career objectives and give you your own remote work from home jobs with benefits career development plan! Wpipa id3277 Grab Your Free Guide Subscribe now to get your free copy of the work from home quick-start guide. Since Sitel works with a variety of clients, a [email protected] Agent may help customers with billing inquiries, account or product questions, help with product orders, and even offer tech support.

7 Work From Home Customer Service Jobs With Benefits

Zapier Zapier is easy automation for busy people. When people use InVision, they can easily make working prototypes, have real-time design meetings, and quickly share what theyre working on with others and thats just some of the features. Note they are usually only hiring people who live in FL and. #6 Enterprise This well-known car rental service hires both customer service representatives as well as reservation and sales support. Always remember to check whether or not they hire in your state or not. The At Home Advisor is the first point of contact for customers with device issues. Their metrics are quite high, and not everyone can keep them. State of Telecommuting in the.S.

So, if you want to work from home but need an opportunity with benefits check out this list of 7 Work From Home Phone Jobs that offer benefits! Well, a healthy workforce means a more productive one, with fewer personal days taken off to go to doctors appointments, or worse, an employee who might need to take medical leave or even quit because he cant make it into the office anymore. Many people prefer the security (and stability!) that working from home as an employee offers. ease of caring for a health issue or disability, and the option to create a comfortable and ergonomic workspace. All employees get a chance to work remotely. You can also contact remote work from home jobs with benefits me directly at or say hello on Twitter. For full-time the benefits include medical, dental, limited-care medical plan, life insurance, travel insurance, 401(k) plan, stock plan, educational assistance, U-Haul discounts, paid holidays, vacations, and credit union.

20 Work at Home Jobs With Employee Benefits

Convergys offers advancement opportunities to dedicated agents with a proven track record of success! To reward you for your hard work, m will offer you: 401K plan, paid time off, stock purchase plan, medical, dental, and vision benefits. Chalk it up to not having chatty coworkers and more time to focus on work for just some of the reasons why theyre more productive. Youll help troubleshoot and resolve the issues all while providing the best customer service. These tasks might include phone work, email management, and web channels. A whole.8 billion vehicle miles are not traveled each year from those who work at least part-time from home; 3 million tons of greenhouse gases (GHG) are avoided; and oil savings reaches 980 million. Were listing out the best of the best, giving a rundown of some great statistics that back up the advantages of working from home. Think youve got what it takes to join them? For a 40-hour working week, their benefits include health and dental insurance, life insurance, an 8 holiday allowance, 25 holidays a year, 5 additional accrued personal days a year, 1 international train ticket per year, employee bonuses, reductions and discounts. Fewer office supplies are used, and energy used to run their home offices is also lessened. This control over your work schedule can be invaluable when it comes to attending to the needs of your personal life.

Although one of Apples most popular work from home positions is that. Working from home typically leads to less distractions, less office politics, a quieter noise level, less or more efficient meetings, the ability to dress more casually and comfortably, and, as mentioned above, a more personalized office environment. Time Savings, the average one-way commuting time in the.S. If you work remotely just part-time, youll gain back 11 days each year that would have been spent commuting, according to the. As a remote employer, each member of your workforce who works from home greatly reduces his carbon footprint by not having to commute into the office.

Another excellent resource for this is FlexJobs. Youd be hard-pressed to find an employee who actually enjoys his daily trek into an office. On top of a set hourly wage, Convergys offers a comprehensive benefits package: Medical, dental, vision plans Paid vacation Tuition benefits Schedule flexibility You can turn this opportunity into a career. This is the only fee-based membership site for work at home jobs recommended and used by Real Ways to Earn. Check out The 10-Second Commute and learn how you can land a work-from-home career with a credible company that offers employee benefits. Sure, youd like to have your entire staff centrally located in one office, where you can watch them work, collaborate together, and have face-to-face time with them whenever you want. Full-timers get 75 of their health insurance paid for, 401k matching, and money to cover continued-education materials. Both full and part-time employees are offered benefits.

Go here to read our review of remote jobs at U-Haul. You will start out at 11 an hour and then receive performance raises as you.50 per hour after every 6 months. Sometimes (but only when appropriate) you might cross sell products. When you work at Sitel, you can expect competitive pay on top of benefits like employee discounts at Sitel-partner brands, 401k, holiday pay, and healthcare packages. Share1253, pin791 2044shares, if you work from home, do you find yourself missing all of those great benefits that remote work from home jobs with benefits you once enjoyed when working outside the home? Positive Environmental Impact, the existing telecommuting population (3.9 million employees) reduces greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of taking over 600,000 cars off the road for a year, according to the State of Telecommuting in the.S.

The Benefits of Remote Work

As a social media scheduling tool, the team at Edgar is on a mission to help bloggers, marketers, and solopreneurs more consistently manage their online presence in as little time as possible. #2 Capital One, this bank and credit card company pays its customer service reps 13 an hour to start. Sure, having flexibility to work when you want and as much as youd like is great. This is a full time, 40 hours per week position that offers benefits such as retirement, medical, remote work from home jobs with benefits vision, and dental insurance. By using remote agents, theyre able to provide a workforce that is entirely scalable. When it comes to working from home, you fall within one of three categories: freelancer/independent contractor, home-based business owner, or W2 employee. Health, dental, vision, and life insurance. You can help them make collaboration even better when you join the GitHub team! Apple As an At-Home Advisor for Apple, you can help customers over the phone, email or chat with general questions or tech support.

As you may have guessed by their name, m helps solve technical support issues. This travel agent job for experienced travel agents starts at 15 an hour. Looking For More Work at Home Jobs With Benefits? Well, now with more and more companies joining the work at home bandwagon, there are quite a few well-known companies that will hire remote workers, pay them a reasonable wage, and best of all they will offer competitive benefits for those who need them. #9 U-Haul The popular moving van rental company hires customer service reps to service those calls who are either on the road using the moving equipment from U-Haul or who might be on the road soon using the equipment. If you dont see an available job that fits your skills and expertise, just send them an email theyre always interested in hearing from potential candidates who want to join the GitHub team! When checking out current openings at Apple, keep in mind that the city listed in the job details doesnt apply to their At-Home Program.

They set out to make sure employees are happy by offering benefits like: Medical benefits Monthly performance incentives Flexible schedule Advancement opportunities Paid time off The hourly rate starts.25. Ten Work at Home Companies Offering Great Benefits #1 American Express, this credit card company frequently hires remote agents to do both customer service and sales. GitHub Simply put, GitHub is how people build software. Add in the lack of a commute, and remote workers typically have more time and less distractions, which leads to increased productivity. Or, you can go here to check their current openings. But, what if you want a work from home career and not just a way to earn a couple extra dollars here and there? Plus, its nice to have benefits to go along with your W2 status. Below is a list of 10 of them, and I am certain that you will recognize most if not all of the names.

Full-Time Work from Home Jobs with Benefits

Sitel offers remote work from home jobs with benefits hourly pay plus the opportunity to earn bonuses (cha-ching!). Go here to read our review of remote jobs at World Travel Holdings. And this spirit of generosity is often provided to full-time AmEx employees, too. On occasion, youll find non-phone jobs listed (like legitimate work from data entry but more likely than not, there will be a variety of work from home phone jobs listed. The best companies for remote work: Finding a remote job is becoming easier with the prevalence of companies that are adopting this way of working. World Travel Holdings also offers free or greatly discounted trips to its employees to allow them to experience first-hand the trips they sell. Many remote jobs also come with flexible schedules, which means that workers can start and end their day as they choose, as long as their work is completed. As a Virtual Customer Care Representative youll answer inbound calls and help Amex cardholders. And that doesnt even scratch the surface of home-based income generators when you factor in all the extra income sites and gigs out there. More than 14 million community members use GitHub to discover, collaborate, and share a variety of projects. Customer service agents start at 12 an hour and sales support generally starts at 11 an hour. InVision App, inVision is the worlds leading design and collaboration tool.

remote work from home jobs with benefits

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